Network and Datacenter

More info about our Network and Datacenter

Our Network and Datacenter

Estro Web Services specializes in customized Hosting services like rapidleech, seedbox, sBorg, TorrentFlux, Linux VPS, Windows VPS, Windows RDP, Semi-Dedicated Hosting and Dedicated Servers. We utilize state of the art filtering techniques on our multi-gigabit equipped network to deliver the optimum speed and performance.


Estro Web Services utilizes all gigabit and ten-gigabit ethernet equipment to connect to the internet. All customer servers are connected via 100Mbps or 1Gbps dedicated ports. This ensures customers will not experience any internal network bottlenecks common with other providers. Our servers bandwidth blend includes transits from Xeex, Internap, Verio, Tiscali, AT&T, Global Crossing, XO, Level 3, MFN, IIJ, KDDI, HWNG, ChinaNet, GTS, Savvis, Cogent, Hurricane Electric, Tata Communications and others.


Estro Web Services equipment and operations are located in different locations such as Europe (France , Netherland, Luxembourg, UK and Germany. USA, and Canada. The facilities uses multiple redundant state of the art power and cooling units to ensure smooth operation. Security is ensured via 24/7 security staff at the door, keycode entry to the floors, biometric and keycode entry into the datacenter space, and key access to each suite.
Amenities include:
•   Redundant and Precision Power
•   24x7x365 Manned Security and Video Surveillance
•   Fire Suppression System
•   Air-conditioning and HVAC
•   ISP POP (point of presence)

Technical Information

Our Servers are located in multi Tier backbone data centers with generator backups & round-the-clock monitoring. All our network are built using the latest Cisco® equipment. Our unique lite-load® technology gives our clients very good results, which can be seen in the form of stability & speed. The RapidLeech packages are so designed as to suit your needs perfectly, for all your specific requirements. Our helpful staff is available round the clock to extend support. Currently sporting around 300+ vanity hosts, we also provide custom hosts for your needs. Be it rapidleech hosting or seedbox hosting or VPS or all of them combined with a web host, we can always provide you tailor made packages to best suit to your needs. We also provide managed services for your own dedicated servers or virtual servers, if you need it just submit an email to [email protected] and we would be glad to render our services. And with Estro Web Services we can guarantee you that you will always get more than what you pay for.